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Gary Schwan - The Palm Beach Post art critic from 1988 - 2008
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July 17, 2008 | Staff  

300+ Accept (Palm Beach) Post Buyouts; Layoffs Lurking

Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2008 4:40:34 PM by abb

More than 300 Palm Beach Post employees have applied for buyouts and all have been accepted, according to an internal memo obtained by the Pulp.

Though the newspaper announced it would cut 300 jobs, there will be additional layoffs. According to the memo:

The number of applications was more than expected. However, we received too many in some areas and not enough in others, So we still expect to begin a small number of involuntary separations, or layoffs, the week of Aug. 18 in some departments as needed. Thanks to all who applied. You have greatly reduced the number of involuntary separations needed. Your contribution to PBNI over the years and your dedication and patience during these recent difficult times is greatly appreciated.

Those layoffs, according to sources, are expected to hit the newsroom, which had 81 buyout applications by the initial deadline on Friday. The newspaper plans to cut a total of 130 from the newsroom. Sources say that since the Friday deadline, several newsroom staffers have applied for the buyout and been accepted. The buyouts become official on August 11.

The losses in the newsroom are staggering. What follows is the updated list of those who have been accepted for the buyout, now standing at 41 names:

-- Art Critic Gary Schwan -- Political Editor Brian Crowley -- Reporter Tim O'Meilia -- 'Listening Post" columnist and ombudsman C.B. Hanif -- Accent columnist and society photog Thom Smith -- 'Real Life' columnist Emily J. Minor -- Assistant Metro Editor (and author) Douglas Kalajian -- Deputy Director of Photography John J. Lopinot -- Crime writer Rochelle Gilken -- Editorial writer Elisa Cramer -- Golf writer Craig Dolch -- Assistant Managing Editor Bill Greer -- Washington Bureau Chief Larry Lipman -- Business writer Steve Pounds -- Multimedia Editor Mary Kate Leming -- Business (Real Estate) Columnist Linda Rawls -- High school sports writer Steve Dorsey -- Cartoonist and Creative Director Pat Crowley -- West Palm Beach reporter Tom Collins -- Reporter Kelly Wolfe -- Reporter Antigone Barton -- Food Editor Jan Norris -- Riviera Beach reporter William Cooper, Jr. -- Accent/Health reporter Carolyn Susman -- Reporter Ron Hayes -- Reporter Rachel Sauer -- Movie/Theater Critic Hap Erstein --  Transportation reporter Chuck McGinness -- Delray Bureau Chief Price Patton -- Videographer Susan Miller -- Photographer Chris Matula -- Photographer Bob Shanley -- St. Lucie County reporter Jim Reeder -- Port St. Lucie Bureau Chief Teresa Lane -- Martin County Bureau Chief Glenn Henderson -- Martin County crime reporter Jill Taylor -- Courts reporter Sarah Prohaska -- Treasure Coast photo chief Paul Milette -- Photographer David Spencer -- Opinion writer Sally Swartz -- Reporter Michelle Mundy


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