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ARTISTIC - Studio art - drawing, painting, sculpture and silkscreen. Film and video production, television news graphic design, graphic art, print media, Knowledge of theatrical set design, construction, lighting and sound. Exhibited in numerous museums, art galleries, universities, art centers. Design and produce multi-media presentations, print, video, film, and graphic design.  

VISUAL ARTS AND DIRECTORIAL - All aspects of multi-media productions for television and motion pictures as well as set design, display, exhibitions, print media and other visual and prop support. 

COMPUTER GRAPHICS - Designed and produced creative presentations, television news graphics, publications, brochures, magazine ads, video, etc.

LITERARY PUBLICATIONS - Writer: Motion picture script and literary books. 

PROFESSIONAL - Owned and operated a full service graphic design and multi-media production company with over fifty employees. Oversaw all of creative television studio/location productions, print and other medium and services. Developed, budgeted and produced projects - publications, catalogs, advertisements, brochures, periodicals, printing, video, film, etc. The lists of its clients included; The White House, The Executive Office of the United States President, all major governmental Agencies, Red Cross, United Way, Miss USA Pageants, Sterling Institute and many other well known commercial and charitable entities.

NBC TELEVISION NEWS GRAPHIC DESIGNER - Designed and produced graphics, computer animation and sweeps for WPTV5 news and sport programs - television ads, promos, set design and construction. Wrote and produced news events and directed the production and camera crews. Provided art direction for news, documentaries and many television projects.

WTTG, TV5Metro Media Corp., Washington DC - TELEVISION NEWS GRAPHIC AND SET DESIGNER – Designed and produced news graphics for the daily Six and Ten O’clock News, Panorama at Noon with Maury Povich. Designed computer animation, sweeps for special events, news and movies. Designed and constructed sets for the news and special events.



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