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Great care will be taken in the shipping of your purchased art work(s) via a reputable courier. All the costs of shipping and all related expenses (i.e. packaging, insurance, etc.) are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Please note:

1-  You must make every effort to inspect and examine your purchase upon receipt and while the delivery person is present (when possible) and:
2-  You must contact us immediately to report any damaged or missing order(s). Failure to do so, will constitute your satisfactory receipt and acceptance of your purchase. 

Special attention will be given to your purchase before being shipped to you to insure your total satisfaction. However, if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you may return the purchase to us within thirty (30) days from the date of the purchase and under the following procedures: 
1-  You must contact us within seven (7) days from the date of receipt of your order(s) and prior to the return of the purchase to inform us of any return(s) and obtain a return receipt number. 
2-  The return purchase must be correctly packaged and in the original packaging. 
3-  You must use the same courier or one designated by REZART.com for the return(s). 
4-  All the costs of returning and all related expenses (i.e. packaging, insurance, etc.) are the responsibility of the purchaser. 
5-  Upon satisfactory return and receipt of your purchase, we will refund your purchase price in full, minus all shipping and packaging costs.




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