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      Flag-MailboxTM Pricing:  

To raise more funds and as a challenge for the artist to paint as many original, hand-painted flag-mailboxes*, the price for each flag-mailbox will increase by US$250.00 with each sale with starting price of $5,000. (e.g. flag-mailbox number 100 will be retailed at $25,000. The artist will donate 25% of your Flag-mailbox purchases to your choice of these selected charity to aid in their ongoing relief efforts. (Please click here to see the list) 

Pricing and Purchasing Rules: 

- First come first served on all orders received (EST). Each mailbox will be hand numbered based on the the time the order comes in and is assigned the next available number. You will receive an e-mail from us with your number and the price. Please note that your price is determined when a number is officially assigned to your order. The price may be higher from the time you e-mail us and the time your order was accepted and made official. You can accept or reject this new offered price, which at that time this will be offered to the next customer. By you rejecting this offer and the price, you understand that you can enter at any later time again, but the price of the flag mailbox may be much higher than it was originally. (If two or more orders are received at the exact same time will randomly be marked in sequence and price accordingly. - don't need this, we can use the exact second the orders come in)

- The artist will donate 25% of your flag mailbox purchase(s) to your choice of charities from the list provided to aid in their ongoing relief efforts. You are free to choose a charity from the list provided or we will randomly select one for you. The listed charities, prices and donation are subject to change without any prior notice. Customers are responsible for all taxes and shipping and handling costs. Please read about our return and money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Please feel free to e-mail us with your order or questions.

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